Friday, May 30, 2014

Hanna, Jacob and Arielle, Student Work, 3D to 2D Assignment

Hanna Ramirez
I combined several of my projects in Photoshop to create a collage. My human body project is on the left side trying to control the chaos that's happening in the background. The volcano is erupting and items are spewing out in many directions. This diagonal line direction visually conveys motion (chaos in this case). The items closer to the ghost like figure look like a horse shape figure in the clouds. The challenge here is to survive the storm of the erupting volcano. I used the memento project, the human body project, the short story, and the paper sculptures. I also used the tape shoes and a bit of the soap carving.

Jacob Hinman
To create this image I used portions of my paper sculpture and a drawing.

Arielle Smolin
I chose to take one of the photos from the Human Body Required assignment. I concentrated on the geometric shape of the skirt. I duplicated a detailed image, rotated and pasted together. I then pixilated the image and inverted the colors to produce the final image. Below is the sculpture and some of the steps I took along the way.

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