Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wrapped Human Body Required Assignment

Incorporate the use of the human body into a sculpture.


  • You do not have to use your own body.
  • Post your three best photos on your blog.
  • Your face, or the face of your model, cannot be visible. However, one or two facial features may be visible. 
  • 95 - 100% of the body must be covered.
  • All choice you make are significant. Choices are a direct reflection of you.  You can think of this assignment as a self portrait.
  • I posted a few examples of contemporary artists using the human body here on this blog, under Human Body Wrapped Visual Examples. I have many more artists on my pinterest board. Here is the link -

Step 1:
Answer the following questions.  Bring your answers to class. I suggest you write out your answers and ideas in your sketchbook as we will be discussing everyone's concepts and offering suggestions.

  1. What will you be wrapped with? May use more than one material. All materials must be approved by me.
  2. How are the colors and textures of the materials you chose significant?
  3. How is the material significant? Are you taking the materials out of it's original context?  Or using materials because of associations?
  4.  How will you be wrapped? Loosely? Systematically? Combination?
  5. Pose? Will viewer be able to recognize human form? Or will body blend in, be camouflaged in environment?
  6. Where will photo be taken in the photo studio?  If so, why are you choosing to eliminate info and focus on the wrapped body? Will the wrapped body be standing? sitting? crouched? lying down? curled up? limbs extended? back to viewer
  7. If not shooting in photo studio, what site have you chosen?  Why? How will the wrapped body interact and/or be part of the chosen environment? Will the wrapped body be standing? sitting? crouched? lying down? curled up? limbs extended?
  8. Will you include any props?  If so, what will you include, how will you use and why are you using?
  9. Are you choosing to leave some areas exposed (this would be 5%)?  If so, state what body parts you selected and why.  

Step 2:
Begin working.

Step 3:
Photograph the wrapped body.

Step 4:
Post your three best photos on your blog.

Step 5:
Write an artist statement for the work and post on your blog. Use the above questions and the in-class discussion to help you write the statement.

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