Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Water Fountain Replica Assignment Guidelines

Replicate an existing drinking water fountain.  A water fountain located on campus will be assigned to you. 

A beginning challenge that allows student to explore the basic concepts of three- dimensional shape.  Expose student to methods of construction for a three-dimensional structure. 

  • Cardboard. 
  • You will have to gather cardboard on your own. Clark's appliances on the corner of Carerra and US 1 a good source for cardboard. 
  • Duct tape
  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure/ruler (a cloth tape measure will work best for this project).
  • Mask Tape can be used to hold cardboard together while you put on final layer of duct tape. 

Take multiple photographs of the water fountain you are assigned. At least 10 images. 

Measure water fountain. Measure every shape, angle, line. Create a diagram with all your measurements. 

Build a maquette out of copy paper (or card stock) and scotch tape/mask tape. Maquette to scale and approx. six inches square (hint - a dollar bill measures six inches). 

Step 1:
Research, Part I

Step 2:
Research, Part II

Step 3:
Research, Part III

Step 4:
Begin building final structure out of cardboard and duct tape. 

Step 5:
Install your water fountain on the wall.  
In class we will discuss options of where and how to install.

The following information is required for the Digital Journey Assignment:
  • Photographs
    • At least one in process photo. 
    • At least three professional photo's of the final solution installed on the wall. Include at least one detail shot. 
  • Research (particular to each assignment)
    • Research, Part I - Multiple photographs of the water fountain you were assigned. 
    • Research, Part II - A photograph of your sketch with measurements. 
    • Research, Part III - A photograph of the small, paper model you made. 
  • Artist Statement
    • Writing must demonstrate collegiate writing skills. Writing demonstrates time and effort. Writing demonstrates content, reflective thought and intellect. Writing is free of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.

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