Saturday, November 29, 2014

THIS Toothbrush


THIS is a line of products that reintroduces and modernizes an ancient tooth-cleaning twig called the Miswak. The first product we've designed is the Standard Cutter Case that allows you to cut, peel, and carry the Miswak around easily.
THIS began in 2010 as a student project and has since gained international recognition. After crowd funding $18,000 last August, THIS Cutter Case is currently in production. 


The Miswak, also known as the Siwak, is a natural, organic root of the Salvadora Persica tree that has been used for centuries as a method of oral hygiene. Recent studies have proven that regular use of Miswak can significantly reduce plaque and strengthen enamel, as well as help reduce tooth decay.
The Miswak is portable, does not require toothpaste or water, and can access hard-to-reach parts of the mouth for a thorough cleaning experience.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kristen Breast, Student Work

Cassie Fernandez, Student Work, Memento Assignment

I used wood, rubber bands, and sand paper to create a sling shot. These three materials are  significant to the piece. 

The wood represents nature and football. When I was younger I spent a lot of time playing outside in the woods with my brother and his friends. When I was seven my dad allowed me to flag football with the boys, in the same league that my brother played. After two years of playing, my dad wanted me to find a new sport because he didn't want his little girl getting hurt playing tackle football. The wood I chose for the piece resembles the features of a football goal post.

Sand Paper
The sand paper texture symbolizes how tough I was as a little kid. To continue with my memories of football, I shaped the sandpaper to resemble a football. 

Rubber Bands
The rubbers bands represent how wear my hair up in a ponytail. Because I play sports, I keep my hair tied back so it is not in my face. 

As for the sling shot, I feel this item represents youth, mischief and the male gender. I was not your ordinary girl who played with Barbie dolls; I always wanted to play with Hot Wheels. I grew up with an older brother (4.5 years older than me) and older sister (2.5 years older than me). I mostly got hand-me-downs from my brother, hardly ever from my sister. My big brother had a huge impact on me. I could continue the list of memories from growing up as a tomboy, but it would be endless. In the end, I was always eager to follow my brother’s lead.   

Andrea Heidman, Student Work

Paper and Wood Glue