Monday, May 12, 2014

Elements and Principles, Assignment Guidelines

  • Find two visual examples for each of the following elements and principles (see list below).
  • Image #1 has to be an image from this class blog. Include a source link and/or site artist's name. Student work from previous classes appear on the blog. You may use these images. 
  • Image #2 is a photograph you personally take of your environment. 
  • Post images on your blog and label with the correct element/principle. 
  • Do not use an image more than once.
  • Images that I used for the Elements and Principles Class Lecture are not allowed to be used.
  • When posting please number and label accordingly. Keep info in number order. 
  1. Organic Line/Shape
  2. Rectilinear Line/Shape
  3. Focal Point
  4. Color Scheme or Value Range 
  5. Scale (show a difference in size)
  6. Symmetry
  7. Asymmetry
  8. Repitition
  9. Actual Texture
  10. Simulated Texture
  11. Horizontal Line
  12. Vertical Line
  13. Diagonal Line

#11 Horizontal Line
Rebecca Horn, Artist

#11 Horizontal Line
Personal Photo

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