Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gregor's Room, Student Work

Casmine Brown

It's About Time, Student Work

Ali Botet, in process, making changes to soap carving.

Kat Carlton, in process, making changes.

Emily Lowell, soap carving with 8 changes/additions.

Marlena, in process carving.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Gregor's Room, Student Work

Catalina Arboleda

White copy paper and ink - no adhesives/attachments used.  Paper was shredded, soaked, molded and baked.  All pieces arranged to take up approx. 14" x 14" of space. 

Paper Stacking, Observation, Student Work

paper and wood glue

Gregor's Room, Student Work

Victoria Dexter

Gregor's Room, Student Work

Katie Gouch

Student Work

Ali Botet

Tanis Montgomery

Catalina Arboleda

Gregor's Room, Student Work

Allison Walsh

Clear Bottom Kayak

Source is Well Done Stuff.  Link here.

Erin Layshock. Student Work, 3D to 2D Assignment

Erin Layshock
Manipulated image stills from video work.
In the video Erin is wearing a sculpture she made for a class assignment

Tanis Montgomery, Student Work

Soap carving portion of assignment.  Observe a small, plastic animal.

Marlena Lomonaco, Student Work

Paper Stacking
Invented Form
Paper, wood glue, ink, paint

I am attracted to the shapes and lines of FOLDED fabric. 
measures Approx. 8" x 4" x 2", Paper, wood glue and Ink.


Gregor's Room, Student Work

Mahaley Grant

I decided to make everything appear broken, as if it had been so worn down over time that it could barely function as what it had been created to be. One of the legs of the bed frame is severely broken and much shorter than the others, and it is barely held up by two boxes, which have also slowly broken down over time and are on the edge of collapse.

My version of Gregor is that of a defeated man. He is a slug, a creature view with distain and disgust by his family and society. He is hiding from the outside world within a room of objects which match himself: discarded and worn down with use. Gregor’s family treated him like an unwanted couch or a broken dining room chair, and with one swoop, locked him away in a room to never be seen again. Although his family once relied on him, they eventually saw him as nothing more but a useless, unneeded object which could be discarded.

Ali Botet, Student Work

Ali Botet, Student Work

Invented Design
Stacked paper, wood glue and paint

"Lizitsky was my inspiration for the inventive paper stacking design. I wanted there to be balance and a focal point (red ball)."