Tuesday, May 27, 2014


BUS:STOP smiljan radic
image © 2014 adolf bereuter
 ‘I have seen a public space at peace in krumbach. urban exteriors seem 
to be the natural extension of small, protected interior spaces. zwing 
BUS:STOP seeks to express this domesticity. we have taken the ‘mould’ 
of a piece of a ‘stube’ and reproduced its beautiful height, its ceiling 
figures, and transformed its materiality to create a feeling of familiar 
estrangement.’ – smiljan radic

BUS:STOP wang shu
image © 2014 adolf bereuter
 ‘this is a bus shelter, but not merely a bus shelter. it is like a 120 slr 
folding camera that people can sit in. it is not only an abstract lens, 
because the camera is built by local wood and craft. the lens focuses 
on the scenery, the symmetrical, the static; sunlight illuminates 
the interior as gentle breezes filter through it; our gaze is guided to 
the mountains far away. the symmetry of the camera will undoubtedly 
trigger symbolic implications, but this symmetry is broken by the 
sloped eaves at the side.’ — wang shu

BUS:STOP ensamble studio
image © 2014 adolf bereuter
 ‘ensamble studio’s BUS:STOP for krumbach explores the appropriation 
of a local technique –used to stack wood planks in the drying barns in 
the region – and translates it into an architectural space. a single 
assembly detail resolves both the mechanics and the rough 
aesthetics, resulting in a low-res construction process that can 
crystallize in many forms, ambiguous between the sculptural 
and the inhabitable. our bus:stop is just one of many 
possible improvisations.’ – ensemble studio

Source is Design Boom.  Link here

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