Saturday, June 8, 2019

Hannah McGowan, Student Work

Adriatic Queen
Insulation foam board, balsa wood, gesso, yarn.
12 in. x 22 in. x 4 in.

I spent three weeks in Croatia. A majority of the trip was spent on a yacht named the Jadranska kraljica, or Adriatic Queen. The features of the yacht were predominately white and natural wood.  Croatia is known for its fishing industry and fresh seafood, so I felt the fishnet knots were appropriate and fit the piece. 

In process photos:

Planning the layout. 

Before I painted the foam with gesso, I carved out areas to inset chosen wood pieces. 

Artist Inspiration:

Ben Becker, Student Work

Folded Landscape
Printer Paper, Masking Tape, Super Glue
16" x 10" x 2.5"

This piece is inspired by the landscape in my home state of Vermont. I began my design in Adobe Illustrator. I then printed and folded the paper to create three-dimensional forms. The monochromatic blue color palette is reflective of the cold, Vermont winters.  

Faith Castro, Student Work

Climbing Rocks
Wood, air dry clay, acrylic paint.
12 x 7 inches

This piece is inspired by an island I remember fondly from my childhood, and that I still visit today. The island is located in the middle of a river full of rapids. The landscape is made up of cypress knees and rocks piled high. I remember the feeling of adventure when jumping from rock to rock and navigating the cypress knees. 

Serina Stratton, Student Work

Let Me Out of the Kitchen
Foam core, paper, glue, white spray paint, and black ink.
2.5'  x  1'  x  8"

This spacial blueprint was created to represent one of my work spaces as a chef. I work in a small kitchen for at least eight hour intervals. I am constantly making, plating, and running food. The circle represents the hectic environment. I carved shapes that represented appliances the kitchen: a dish washing station, a hot and a cold table, a flat top grill, and a press grill. The hand reaching out of the enclosed space represents me in the kitchen space.Though I like my job very much, there have been times when I felt like I was trapped in a cycle of making food. I used paper to wrap the vine like forms around the arm and on the appliances so I could further illustrate the feeling of restraint.

In process:

Amanda Marable, Student Work

Vermont House
Wood, paint, wood glue; 8" x 3.5" x 12.5"

My spatial blueprint is inspired by a trip to my friend's Vermont vacation home. The house itself is situated on a tall hill followed by a long, curving driveway, all surrounded by thick woods. The landscape is idyllic and I decided to highlight its natural properties with wood. 

I highlighted the elevation of the driveway by painting a shadow underneath the raised piece of wood that signified the long drive to the house. The house is three stories, hence the three wood blocks on top of one another. Since we visited Vermont in the winter, I included white paint splatters along the "treeline": the black/green block of paint around the focal point.

In process

Artist Inspiration

Ocean Drift #3, 2008
Ink, gouache, collage and cut-out on paper
30" x 44"
Image source

One Woman's Trash by Kate Greathead

Kate Greathead must unload a garbage bag full of romantic memorabilia. 

Listen to Kate's story on Moth Radio Hour. 

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