Monday, September 1, 2014

Student Blogs, Fall 2014

9:00 Class
Reba Balint
Kristen Breast
Constance Delano
Cassie Fernandez
Grace Folts
Drew Herbst
Bernadette Januska
Conrad Kane
Rachel Kennedy
Shelby King
Darby Moore
Rebekah Richardson
Danielle Sumner
Maria Toto
Suzanne Ward
Melissa Yearwood

11:00 Class
Alex Barnes
Zachary Cashion
Hannah Chittum
Dan Davis
Kailey Deason
Danielle Dunham
Shelby Estes
Kayla George
Noni Jenkins-Heers
Margaret King
Samantha Marino
Austin Markis
Brian Matthews
JoJo Provenza
Monica Stauffer
Susan Stidham
Alexis Valladares
Jennifer Wittman

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Human Body Required: Poetry Garment

Details coming soon

Paper Cutting Assignment Guidelines and Visual Examples

Construct three (3) paper sculptures using only card stock and exacto knife (no adhesives). Explore positive/negative space, depth and figure/ground relationship. 

  1. Introduce student to the basics of 3-dimensional form.
  2. Discuss final solutions in relation to elements and principles, content and concept. 

  1. The first sculpture is "Figure". Will include positive and negative space. 
  2. Second is "Shadow Box". Will demonstrate foreground, middle and background.
  3. Third is "House".  Will have a figure/ground relationship. 
  4. You choose how to interpret these themes.
  5. No tape, glue, staples or adhesives of any kind. 
  6. Use only CARD STOCK.
  7. Strive to make cuts so you are using large sheets of paper, rather than small pieces. "Folds" and "creases" are good.
  8. Consider the various marks you can make with the Exacto knife. Puncture holes, scrapping. fringe.
  9. Each sculpture will be small - approximately the size of your hand, or two hands. 

  1. White Card Stock
  2. Exacto Knife

The images below is the work of Idhenson. You can see more of the artist's paper cuts on Deviant Art. Link here.

Assignments for Fall 2014

Assignments completed in the order listed below.
Find assignment guidelines and visual examples in the category links to the right.

  • A Few of My Favorite Things
  • Searching for Elements and Principles
  • Paper Cutting
  • Relief Architecture
  • Memento
  • Fictitious Dishes
  • It's About Time
  • Paper Stacking
  • Human Body Required: Poetry Garments
  • 3D to 2D Digital Image
  • Blog

Reading, Watching and Listening Assignments:
  •       Read: Select a short story from a list provided on the class blog. Fictitious Dishes assignment.
  •       Read: Touch, A Natural History of The Senses by Diane Ackerman. Class Handout. Paper Stacking assignment.
  •        Read: The Tokens by Christopher Tucker. Class handout. Memento assignment.
  •       Listen: On Longing by Susan Stewart.  In class exercise. Memento assignment.
  •        Watch: Janine Antoni on PBS ART 21. Link on the class blog. It’s About Time assignment.
  •        You are required to write a personal response for each of the above.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gemma Green-Hope, Artist

Our assignment requires that you make a three-dimensional form.  
However, this video piece can offer inspiration for the idea of memento.

Link here to watch the video.

When filmmaker Gemma Green-Hope’s grandmother passed in 2010, the family had to sort through her possessions and belongings. As she explains on Vimeo:
“I inherited some of her clothes to wear, books to read, a bicycle to ride. But how do you make sense of all the other things that someone leaves behind, the things nobody sees, boxes full of photographs, and bits of string? I used these objects alongside images and memories of my own to make this short animation, which I dedicate to her memory.”

Music by George Manson
Elizabeth Boat made by Rachel Sumner
With excerpts from:
The Fairies’ by William Allingham,
Eternal Father, Strong to Save’ (The Naval Hymn) by William Whiting

Source is Twisted Sifter. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Andy Goldsworthy, Artist

In his Snowballs in Summer series, Goldsworthy makes large snowballs in winter and preserves them until the summer. Inside of each snowball, he “hides” different materials such as chalk, old pine needles, and dogwood [pictured above]. For this project, Goldsworthy is interested in how different snow melts, the patterns the materials inside will melt into, and the relationship between a city and the imposed natural form.

Source is Outside Gallery.  Link here.