Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Annie Kilic, Student Work, Architecture Relief

I chose to use Gothic and Art Deco Architecture as inspiration for my piece. I used a circular shape inspired by the rose window seen in Gothic Cathedrals as a starting point for my design. I then chose to cut out a design of a simple rose window, to resemble a stained class window using white and black paper. I then used white foam core to create the circular structure with black paper placed on top. I used pins and string to create the design over my rose window. I chose to use string because it is thin and can suggest the delicacy of lace. The repetition in my design is inspired by Art Deco. 

Shannon Young, Student Work, Masking Tape Shoes

The masking tape shoes are constructed solely from masking tape and nothing else. They resemble a size eight Nike running shoe. The details as seen above include the mesh on the tongue of the shoe, various check marks and a textured bottom. I created this pair of shoes by manipulating masking tape, in a way that, it creates form and texture. I did this by using additive and subtractive measures. My process consisted of rolling masking tape and grouping it in a way to build this form. After I had a strong base I covered it with a thick layer of masking tape to smooth the  outside layer. I engraved on the bottom of the shoe to make the surface have shape. This piece was completed in roughly 30 studio hours. My inspirations came from everyday life in my Nikes. The shoes go where I go and if they could speak they would have a lot to stay. This piece represents the travel of my everyday life. 

Nancy Harms, Student Work, Masking Tape Shoes, In Process Photos

Connor Bouchard, Student Work, Masking Tape Shoes, In Process Photos

Student Blogs, Summer 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Student Work, Connor Bouchard, Memento

 For the Memento project we were asked to revisit a memory that sticks out as important to us as artists.   For this I chose to examine a memory of mine in which I received glasses which seems like a highly significant memory to me.  More specifically I remember the day before my glasses were received, that was really blurry, and the day after receiving said glasses and being able to see... looking back on it now I realize how significant the difference with and without glasses is.
   The parameters for this project were pretty lenient conceptually however we were only able to use three materials.  My three materials were balsa wood, printed paper, and resin.  I chose these for different reasons.   

Balsa wood:  I chose this material and refined it to the point that it is in the final composition because for one, I remember that in the memory I could see the grain in the wood on my desk after I received my glasses.  I chose to make two pieces as a sort of coaster to kinda play off of the idea that glasses are also called bifocals, and bi- means two.

Printed paper:  I chose this material as a sort of absolute for my piece, without it i don't feel as though the piece would be finished even though to other people it might seem that it is.  I chose to print an old school eye exam chart for the content of the image.  I chose this particular one because I remember one similar to this in my memory.

Resin:  I had no idea how I was going to create something that has a level of transparency to that allows it so that some areas are more legible than others which is important when remembering blurriness.

Student Work, Connor Bouchard

3D to 2D

For this project we were tasked with crating a 2-D image inspired by a 3-D project we created in the class.  I chose to use my architectural relief sculpture.  I created a template of the shapes and shadows and overlaid them and created a pattern with them to reach my final solution.