Monday, December 15, 2014

Alexis Valladares, Student Work

  • For this project, I was inspired by Art Deco and Renaissance architecture. I chose to primarily mimic the angles and structures present in Art Deco. I used motifs found in Renaissance architecture mainly in the tile, paint, and arches. I also made it interactive, placing a pully that lifts up the ship so as to insinuate "blast off".

Monica Stauffer, Student Work

Materials: Soap, balsa wood, pins, hot glue, paint.
Measures approx. 4 inches tall x 6 inches x 3 inches.

Cassie Fernandez, Student Work

Cassie Fernandez, Student Work

I choose Gothic and Early Modern. The Seville Cathedral inspired me with the design on the side. My first instinct was to start with a cross figure and build layers that would come off the wall. I really liked the geometric style in the Goetheanhm. Each flat surface had a very distinct purpose that gave it a superior outline.  I incorporated some Early Modern patterns with the string, including the string on the center piece holding the rose window approximately 6 inches off the wall. I was inspired by the window in the Westminister Abbey photo. The rose window replicates the medieval period from which Gothic was introduced. I incorporated the columns within the cross to provide more features from the Gothic style. I am most proud of the rose window since I used a scroll saw to cut it - this was my first time using a scroll saw.

Materials: Foam board, balsa wood, thread, tape. Measures approx. 20 inches tall x 17 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

Kristen Breast, Student Work

I tightly curled and glued the paper in a spiral. Once the wood glue dried, I cut off the top and bottom. I found these pieces beautiful - authentic looking rings made by layers of paper and glue. Using scraps of paper I created a pulp, dyed it brown with ink and glued the pulp to the outer surface for texture. The ink reacted with the paper to create a pink/purple color. Approx. 2.5 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall.

Monica Stuaffer, Student Work

There was a week over the summer where a friend came up to St. Augustine and visited. For the majority of the time we were together, all we did was lay on the hardwood floor in my house, wrapped in blankets, drinking tea and drawing. It is easily the greatest part of my summer, and I’m extremely nostalgic for that time. 
To try and portray this memory, I took two pieces of wood and wrapped them in a piece of fabric (color scheme is similar to the comforters we were snuggled in). The whole piece was then dipped in tea, resulting in a stain on both the fabric and wood. The tea also provides a scent to the piece, which provides another sensory detail. The decision to keep the fabric unattached to the wood is representative of the numerous ways to be swaddled in blankets, constantly moving and being tangled in them. The combination of the wood and the fabric is similar to how I felt lying on that floor - comfortable, but also uncomfortable. 
Looking at this piece, touching it and smelling it, takes me back to that week and makes the nostalgia not as heavy.

Approx. 8" in length.
Materials are wood, fabric and tea.

Monica Stauffer, Student Work

Approx. 8" x 12" x 1"
Paper and Wood Glue