Monday, December 11, 2017

Griffin Torrey, Student Work

3D to 2D Image

Used shape cut from balsa wood on scroll saw. 

Madi Hetico, Student Work

3D to 2D Image

Throughout the semester, I have reflected on who I am as an artist and how much I have grown since I started. With that being said, there has been many trials and tribulations as well as failures and successes. For my 3d to 2d image, I wanted to create something that reflected on all of the projects I made this semester, the good, the bad, the successful and the failures. I decided to create a montage of all my projects in order to create a new work. Within this piece, if one looks carefully, they can see everything I have made this semester, in a new way. 

Cassie Harger, Student Work

3D to 2D Image
My favorite project to work on was the balsa wood sculptures. For the 3D to 2D Assignment I chose to use my balsa wood sculpture. The balsa wood sculpture simulated motion through rhythm. I enjoy how one object appears to influence another, despite it being frozen or stagnant. There is a beautiful irony. The above image depicts movement, yet the picture does nothing. I feel the image replicates how people get into a motion and go through their lives being stuck in a rhythm, and despite this motion they are not moving anywhere. It is easier to get into rhythm than to challenge yourself. The color purple is the color of wisdom. Though rhythm can be safe it does not challenge the self and is therefore unwise. Furthermore, each image appears to fall, which symbolizes how easy it is to fall into a cycle of repetition. 

Original balsa wood sculpture. 6" x 3" x 4"

Zack Smith, Student Work

3D to 2D Image

This illustration is to show just how far you can reach if you just push through the struggles in pain in life and just soar. This builds off the meaning of the Masked Identity project, this illustration shows how when you push through the sadness, pains, and struggles in life, you not only grow as a person, but you become so much stronger and how the sky is the limit. The illustration gives a sense of hope to those who are struggling in their life and encourage them to push past it to gain an inner strength and confidence that will make them soar.

For the process, I first took the original image from my Masked Identity project and took it to photoshop. In photoshop, I used the magnetic lasso tool to select the body, the inverted the selection as to delete the background and hair from the model. I then took the photoshopped image to illustrator, sized and placed it on the background layer, then locked it in place. After that, I started creating the basic shapes of the body and mask. Once I had the basic shapes, I then created shapes to go on top of the basic form that showed where shadows and highlights were on the body. Once all the shapes were in place, I used the eyedropper tool to give the shapes correct coloring. When the body was finished, I deleted the image from the background and was able to add the hair and background and edit as needed.


Making the mask from wire, masking tape, tracing paper, gel medium, ink and gold paint.

Dani Sanders, Student Work

3D to 2D Image
I took a picture of one of my sculptures from the balsa wood project and turned it into an art magazine cover for the month of September. The magazine is titled Dépaysé, which is a French term that describes the feeling of a person being out of their comfort zone.

Original sculpture made from balsa wood and straight pins.