Thursday, April 19, 2018

Briana Vandivier, Student Work

“The bubble is our skin. But the skin is also alive, breathing and excreting, shielding us from harmful rays and microbial attack, metabolizing vitamin D, insulating us from heat and cold, repairing itself when necessary, regulating blood flow, acting as a frame for our sense of touch, aiding us in sexual attraction, defining our individuality, holding all the thick red jams and jellies inside us where they belong.”  - The Feeling Bubble, from A Natural History of the Senses. Pg.67

Daily life moves so fast. It is easy to forget to pay attention to mental and physical well being. My piece demonstrates the outside world that our skin protects us from. The balloon represents my own bubble. The balloon contains sand from a beach near my home. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Kaylen Johnson, Student Work

Touch can sometimes allow us to ease pain. Different bad habits can help pain seem bearable. In order to create a photo, my friend Vic was smoking a cigar in a dreary bathroom alone. I wanted the mood to feel like this was her escape. Cigars and cigarettes can calm you or give you a buzz, which could maybe allow a person to shift their attention from something going on in their life or maybe some sort of pain. Her attention is elsewhere, she is hoping to mask her pain.

"Shifting your attention to something else will distract you from pain; pain requires our full attention." -Diane Ackerman

Amanda Shaw, Student Work

The Skin Has Eyes

"But, above all, touch teaches us that life has depth and contour; it makes our sense of the world and ourselves three-dimensional. Without that intricate feel for life, there would be no artist, whose cunning is to make sensory and emotional maps, and no surgeons, who dive through the body with their fingers." -Diane Ackerman 

Artist Statement

This drawing is inspired by the concept of skin being used as a map  Scars, freckles, veins, and imperfections create the identifiable map of every person. 

Elizabeth Green, Student Work

Section: The Feeling Bubble
In this section Ackerman explains that the skin is our "outer shell" and "protector". Our skin helps to protected us and it is part of our natural beauty. And yet despite this fact for decades women have been covering their skin with makeup, some of which is harmful to our skin that we should be protecting. If our skin does it job by shielding us from harm why do we then smother it with makeup? Why do we cover one of our most greatest gifts? Women sometimes cover so much of their face with makeup it is hard to even see who they truly are. In this photo I applied serval layers of makeup until one could not even be recognized by their true natural beauty marks and skin tones. The idea is to show how some women put on so much makeup it hides who they really are.  

Jaclyn Kremposky, Student Work

The Skin Has Eyes

"What is a sense of one's self? To a large extent, it has to do with touch, with how we feel. Our proprioceptors (from Latin for "one's own" receptors) keep us informed about where we are in space, if our stomachs are busy, whether or not we are defecating, where our legs, arms, head are, how we're moving, what we feel like from moment to moment. " 

- Diane Ackerman (A Natural History of the Senses)

Artist Statement: 
By touching with our skin and looking with our eyes, we know the world we live in is three dimensional. In my drawing, I made the section of this chapter quite literal. The combination gives us memories and information about what we experience while we are living. Reaching out to feel and see the world, adds depth and clarity to the what is around us. 

Miriam Reynolds, Student Work

"Hair" Bow

"Hair deeply affects people, can transfigure or repulse them. Symbolic of life, hair bolts from our head. Like the earth, it can be harvested, but it will rise again."- Diane Ackerman

Diane Ackerman emphasizes the concept of hair as it relates to touch. Our hair plays a special role in our identity. For this reason, I took several photographs of my friend's hair in different lighting and on different days. The texture and color contribute to the overall sensory impression. I combined the images into a grid on Photoshop. I then cut and folded the printed image into a bow. As I am so fond of puns, I decided to call it "Hair" Bow.

Jenna Davenport, student work

The Feeling Bubble

"Our skin is a kind of space suit in which we maneuver through the atmosphere of harsh gases, cosmic rays, radiation from the sun, and obstacles of all sorts." - Diane Ackerman

Statement: After reading the above excerpt from A Natural History of the Senses, I began to think about how incredible the body is. Not only does it protect us and hold together our ooey gooey insides, but it also heals itself and adjusts to any natural changes we go through. With my work, I wanted to comment on the incredible abilities that everyone’s skin has. In order to accomplish this, I photographed the scars of a group of my friends and melded them all together in Photoshop. The skin is a fantastic organ and I wanted to show that with this piece.