Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Maddie Zatkulak, Student Work, 3D to 2D Assignment

Below is the body sculpture I made for a class assignment. 
I repeated a documented image of the sculpture in various sizes to create a sense of depth (foreground, middle and background). I also used value range to enhance depth. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Student Work

Various Assignments that require students to use their body. 

Kayla Zapping
Poetry Garment

Abbey Osley
Masked Identity

Colton Jacob Hitman
Poetry Garment

Maddie Zatkulak
Masked Identity

Sarah Howard
Poetry Garment

Ely Marcil
Poetry Garment

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Miler Lagos, Artist

Trunk-like compositions created by colombian artist miler lagos are made from layers upon layers of densely stacked newspaper clippings, uniting in formation of giant, fallen tree branches.‘fragments of time’ ironically reinterprets the source material; the paper used becomes the artistic materialization its origin, transposed from foundation to creative application. the lifeless pieces arranged on the gallery floor are made up of hundreds of thin sheets newsprint, tightly packed together, carved and sanded on the edges, transforming them into hyper-realistic organic shapes. the wood color of the tree trunks is achieved on the paper’s surface while lagos carved away at the paper with an angle grinder. the friction made the paper burn, leaving a trail of smoke, which left a deep brown chroma on the paper’s exterior. the exposed cross section of each individual bark piece reveals printed matter — a fragment from a newspaper, chronicling various events and stories — alluding to the artwork’s namesake. segments of black and white feature photos and cut-off headlines impart only a fraction of what is trying to be told, beckoning viewers to interpret their original context. - above images and text from Design Boom.  Link here

Link here to visit artist's website. 

Oprisco Photography

For the 3D to 2D Assignment, you can use a sculpture you made in class as a prop.

source link here