Sunday, August 31, 2014

Paper Construction No Tape or Glue Assignment Guidelines

Construct three (3) paper sculptures using only card stock and exacto knife (no adhesives). Explore positive/negative space, depth and figure/ground relationship. 

  1. Introduce student to the basics of 3-dimensional form.
  2. Discuss final solutions in relation to elements and principles, content and concept. 

  1. The first sculpture is "Human Figure". Demonstrate positive and negative space. Animal forms are also acceptable.
  2. Second is "Shadow Box". Demonstrate foreground, middle and background.
  3. Third is "House".  Demonstrate a figure/ground relationship in 3D. The figure in this case will be the house and the ground is the area perpendicular to the house. See example above as well as student examples. 
  4. You choose how to interpret these themes.
  5. No tape, glue, staples or adhesives of any kind. 
  6. Use only CARD STOCK.
  7. Strive to make cuts so you are using large sheets of paper, rather than small pieces. "Folds" and "creases" are good.
  8. Consider the various marks you can make with the Exacto knife. Puncture holes, scrapping. fringe.
  9. Each sculpture will be small - approximately the size of your hand, or two hands. 

  1. White Card Stock
  2. Exacto Knife

The images below is the work of Idhenson. You can see more of the artist's paper cuts on Deviant Art. Link here.

What to put on your blog:
1. Images of work in process.
2. Professional images of each sculpture. At least two images for each sculpture. 
3. A brief statement about each sculpture. 
4. Optional  - Any sketches or drawings you did for the project. 

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