Saturday, April 30, 2011

Laura Cooperman, Artist

The work below can be used as research for the Body Happenings assignment 
because similar structures can be designed to wear on the body. 

More on website. Link here.

Graham Hay, Artist

Graham Hay. Link here for website.

Oliver Herring, Artist

Oliver Herring creates photo realistic models by sculpting actual photos of the models themselves. More on Oliver on PBS ART 21.

3D to 2D Visual Examples

The model was created for a CD cover and took seven days to create.

Mieke Meijer, Artist

Dutch designer Mieke Meijer. Link to website here.

Secret Compartments

Paper Cubes, No Tape or Glue, Student Work




Clara Wicke, Artist

0 0 1 1 04 01 08 0 9003 is an amazing installation by Clara Wicke in Wiesbaden that consists of eight bodies hanging from the ceiling encased in a white gauze-like fabric. Who are they? Why do they float above? What has arrested their flight? Angels, conscience, random thoughts at rest? Are they memories or part of that dream state when you feel you are flying? From MocoLoco. Link here for more images of this work as well as more art.

Chia Pet

Figurines in the shape of animals have been made for centuries as art objects. These figurines have typically been made of clay, stone or wood. Go to Chia Power if you want to know more about the history of chia. Link here.

The ch-ch-ch-Chia is so much a part of American consumer lore that it was ch-ch-ch-chosen to be included in a New York Times time capsule, to be opened in the year 3000, along with a Purple Heart medal, a can of Spam and a Betty Crocker cookbook. From

Could it be? The origin of the chia pet? Digital Sextant's photostream. Flickr link here.

Some ideas for making that kit!

Link here.

When the handle is turned, the golden boat rides the mechanical waves and lightning is revealed from the stormy clouds.More to look at on the website. Link here.

Link here.

Found on DeZeen. Link here.

Look! No tape or glue! More designs here.

Paper Animation Kits. Kinetics. Link here.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mary Giehl, Artist

Three cast iron bathtubs filled with over 100 cast ivory soap dolls floating in water. With time the soap dolls will dissolve n the water. Nine digital prints of the soap dolls, height 40in width varies. The middle table is made of ivory soap with 4 dolls resting on them.

Link here for Mary's website.

Merzbau by Artist Kurt Schwitters

"Schwitters' built his constructions into his residences incorporating rooms he lived in into the structure. The ceilings and walls were covered with three dimensional shapes and countless nooks and grottos were filed with a variety of objects -- "spoils and relics" (personal items Schwitters stole from friends and acquaintances). These nooks and grottos were sometimes obliterated by future additions, leaving them existing only in the memories of the earlier versions of the work. Schwitters considered the Merzbau on principle, an uncompleted work that by it's very nature, continued to grow and change constantly."

Schwitters constructed columns in the space.

"Merz - A nonsense word invented by the German Dada artist Kurt Schwitters to describe his collage and assemblage works based on scavenged scrap materials. He made large numbers of small collages, and more substantial assemblages, in this medium. He is said to have extracted the word Merz from the name Commerz Bank which appeared on a piece of paper in one of his collages. Schwitters founded a Dada group in Hanover where he was based from 1919. There he created his first Merzbau (Merz building)."

1980's - Reconstruction of Merzbau at Tate Modern. Link to the Tate Modern for more.


Check out these examples for technique. You can combine different kinds of soap. More here. If you wish to have music accompany your soap viewing, link here.

A few more to look at for technique. Link here.

Isaac's toothpaste. Link here for more.

Body and Form, Assignment Guidelines

William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible, 2010, PBS, video link here.
Kentridge, Shadow Procession. You Tube link here.
Janine Antoni, Touch, on ART 21. Video here.

Wye Oak "Fish" on Vimeo. Link here.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

3D to 2D Assignment Guidelines

The 3D to 2D image is due when your blog is due. This due date is announced in class.

The final solution is an image, GIF or 1 minute video that must be posted on your blog. Sometimes students present 3D to 2D during final exam day and time for feedback from the class.

This assignment is completed at the end of the semester. By the end of the semester you will have accumulated images, professional as well as in process photos, of the work you made for this class.
  • Select an image(s) of work made in this class.  
  • Manipulate the image(s), to create an entirely new image.
  • The image in the final solution does not have to represent the original sculpture.
  • The image has to be manipulated either on the computer or by hand.
  • Video time of 1 minute is approximate. 
  • I am looking for thoughtful solutions that demonstrate effort and an awareness of the elements and principles of design.
  • Write a short artist statement and post on blog with final solution. 

You can manipulate image(s) any way you choose.
May use more than one approach.
  • Use photoshop. 
  • Add music/sound.
  • Add movement with animation of video. 
  • Cut and paste by hand. Print out images, cut, paste to create a new image. Scan or photograph.
  • Draw on image(s). Print out image(s), draw into image. Scan or photograph. 
  • Paper cut with layers. Print out images. Create "windows" in one image with paper cuts. Place another image behind first to create layers. Scan or photograph. 
  • Stitch. Sew into an image or sew several smaller pieces together. Scan or photograph. 

Secret Compartments Assignment

Spring 2011
Step 1 - Collect at least 10 images. Print out, copy from books or cut from magazines. Paste/tape in your moleskin. Images are to visually represent your interests and desires. Due Monday, March 21. Those that arrive without at least 10 images will be asked to leave class and take an absence.

Important!!! In addition to the 10 images, you need tape (any kind), scissors/exacto and white copy paper. These materials are needed for the in class assignment on Monday, March 21.

Stay tuned for the remaining steps to this assignment! Announcements made in class and instructions posted here on the blog.

March 25 - By now you should have completed all your research and created a maquette. The assignment is to construct a "container" that can house an object (ie: a three-dimensional form) and drawing(s) (ie: two-dimensional). The compartments for these two items must accommodate the length, width and height of the object and drawing(s). In addition, the compartments will be hidden. The object is created entirely by you. Drawings can be completed in any medium (pencil, ink, paint, digital).

Friday, April 22, 2011

Drawings, Student Work, Spring 2011

A sampling of student work from Spring 2011. This semester students completed all their drawings in a moleskin.

Rachael Horne. Cross Contour drawing for the Paper Stacking assignment.

Brianne. Top - drawing of a clay hybrid. Students were asked to draw all three hybrid forms and apply a different color scheme to each. Bottom - sketching ideas for clay hybrids.

Allison. Clay Hybrid drawings with applied color scheme.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brianna Angelakis, Artist

Student Work

3D to 2D Image
Used a detail from foam board sculpture (see sculpture below).
Manipulated with contrast on computer.
Spring 2011

Here is a link to Brianna's student blog.

And this is what Brianna is up to today.

Escape from Temptation, oil on canvas, 36" x 36"

Fairy Dust, oil on canvas, 12" x 16"

The Awakening, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 36" x 36"