Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mackenzie Rockwood, Student Work, 3D to 2D Assignment

This was a project that came to me a lot easier to me than some of the other projects. For this project, we had to choose a 3D artwork that we created in the semester and transform it into a 2D art piece. As a Graphic Design Major I'm attracted to geometric shapes and guild lines, it just my nature to have thing unified and structured. I choose my Map Relief Sculpture as my 3D form. I took pictures of the woven yarn and then made a clipping mask in Adobe Illustrator to form a cube form.I like the idea of this organic form turning into a non-organic form. I choose the colors because they were bold but not too distracting. I could see this artwork as a framed print or as an album cover fro The XX (band).

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