Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ginger Whiteley, Student Work

Artist Statement:
This piece represent a specific memory - the first time my significant other said I love you when we went out dancing in a foreign place. My three materials used for this sculpture were hot glue, felt, and perfume. The glue represented the transparency of the lights in the room as well as the movements of the people around us. Is cube-like shape is also representative of the encapsulated room we were in. The felt was representative of each other and comfort; and specifically the warmth we provided each other. The perfume is representative of my significant other and the present but unseen connection between us. The use of 2’s is a common theme within this work as a parallel to the constant of 2’s within my memory. We danced the 2-step (represented by the ability of the dual orbs to rotate within the artwork in two directions) and we were dancing in a pair (represented by the dual orbs).

Hot Glue
2.5 inch cube

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