Thursday, December 15, 2016

Annie Thompson, Student Work, Map Relief

I chose to map the levels of a person’s vulnerability. This includes the process of knowing someone surface level to getting to know them on the deepest level possible. The figure above represents the outer image, or, even a first impression. There are many unique qualities that are intriguing but as you come to realize, the figure is paper thin. He or she has no depth. The only way to gain a true understanding of another person is time. The wooden board separating the two figures is a representation of a timeline. As it reads left to right, tally marks and a value scale are the experiences you create with that person. This leads to the figure below. Although each individual piece of paper is not perfect, they altogether are what form this person. And that is the person you’ve experienced life with and now understand.

Paper, balsa wood, charcoal, ink, floral frog. 
2.5' x 1.5' x 3"


In Process

Artist Inspirations:

J. Diane Martonis

Jason S. Yi

Val Britton

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