Monday, May 1, 2017

Mason Mushinski, Student Work

Me Myself I

Artist Statement

In this project I pulled together thoughts, ideas, and qualities about myself that I wanted to display through my mask. I originally wanted to create a dodecahedron mask to represent how particular and organized I am as a person. After consideration, I ended up making the dodecahedron but wanted to give it flare. Inside the pentagons I placed multiple triangles in order to warp and add multiple faces ranging in size. Looking closely at the piece, a glimpse of the original pentagons can be seen. By leaving the pentagons within the piece, I wanted to represent the large events in my life such as family and education. Each of the large pentagons symbolize segments of my life and the interior triangles represent the small (and large) events that took place in order to shape the important moments in my life. I added "Me, Myself, I" on the surfaces in order to pull together who I am and that I should not be ashamed of that. Building onto that concept, my final pictures represent just that. 

The first picture portrays my body and stature as being uncomfortable and sulking as I hold a mirror. Transitioning into the second picture my posture is a bit more relaxed however my body is still rigid and the focus can be seen on the mirror. Completing the sequence, the final picture shows me being entirely confident, relaxed, and unfazed by the blank mirror. The mirror itself is symbolic because in Renaissance paintings mirrors were believed to be a literal and metaphorical reflection of oneself and also a negative representation of pride, temptation, and sin. I decided to include a mirror to show that though I am multi-facetted, it is important to not get wrapped up in personal selfishness regardless of my successes in life. I represented that idea throughout the photography process in that as my posture became more relaxed less of a reflection was seen in the mirror until there was entirely no reflection in the final picture.

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