Monday, September 12, 2022

To Have and To Hold: An Intimate History of Collectors and Collecting by Philipp Blom

Book is for sale at Flagler College Bookstore and on reserve at Proctor Library. 


Read and research a selected reading from the book To Have and To Hold



Engage the student with reading content through research methods and practice presentation skills. 


·       Each student selects an assigned reading by writing their name and email address next to their selection. ****A hard copy of the reading selections posted in Studio 3.*****

·       Important – Make contact with the person who has the same reading as you. Two sections of this course, therefore a student in each section presenting on the same reading. So that students do not duplicate research, you will need to work with each other.

o   Each student will email their research to me and copy the other student in the email. This way, if duplicate research appears, the first student to email with the information receives credit. 

o   The second person will know not to use the images submitted by the first person. Since two students are included in the email, the second student will be able to see the images/sources selected by the first student and know not to use these images/sources. 

·       Presentation must be between 5 and 10 minutes. 

·       Do not put your research on your blog. Prepare a PowerPoint or Google Slide Show. Upload the file to Canvas on required due date. 


Presentation Format

·       Part 1

o   Introduction to the content of assigned reading. 

o   Present a brief overview of the reading content. 

o   You may write a paragraph and read to class OR list info in a bulleted format and reference this information when presenting.  

·       Part 2

o   Three images that reflect content of assigned reading. The images cannot be images already included in the reading. 

o   Include a source link for each image. 

o   Briefly discuss how each image reflects reading content. 

o   Images need to be from a credible source. 

§  Proctor Library Research Database.

§  Google Scholar – can be accessed through Proctor Library, select Research Tools in the top bar. 


§  Museum sites, college/university sites, credible newspaper/mag/news sites. 

§  A good tip – when perusing images online, look for a source address that ends with “.gov” or “.edu”

§  Wikipedia is not a credible source. However, Wikipedia often offers credible sources at the end of each post (scroll to bottom of Wikipedia page for this info).


Evaluation Criteria

Up to 5-points can be deducted from Cabinet of Curiosity grade for not presenting or missing information.


Friday, August 26, 2022

Student Blogs, Fall 2022

Section A, 11:00 - 12:50

Mick Alaimo

Josh Artiga

Rachel Breakie

Sydney Fisher

Evan Gallagher

Taylor Hall

Reese Haselden

Rory Matonis

Lindsey Murray

Zoe Preble

Elizabeth Southers

Brooke Squicciarini

Section B, 1:00 - 2:50

Justina Benetis

Cole Binzer

Trey Cline

Megan Eldridge

Anna Fairon

Caila Grigsby

Taylor Hillyard

Abby Lanza

Arlo Ramos-Wilson

Kayley Scheufler

BLUEVIEW, Footwear Design Company


They’re known as the first fully biodegradable shoe in the world. BLUEVIEW sneakers are made entirely with plant-based materials, proving that anything and everything can be sustainable if companies are bold enough to make it happen.

When exposed to air, every single part of these shoes will completely break down. It took scientists more than six years to work out a formula using plants to create a knitted upper material that could be used for shoes.

Additionally, the uppers used for these shoes are made from hemp and eucalyptus yarn. It’s a blend called Plant Knit and it’s the first plant-based, fully biodegradable machine knitted shoe uppers. Tencel and organic cotton are also used in the shoe uppers. The insoles and outsoles are made with plant-based foam that’s similar to polyurethane, but once again biodegradable.

Most shoes are made with petroleum-based plastics that will not degrade even after hundreds of years. Everything in BLUEVIEW shoes, including the glue, will break down in less than one year in industrial composting conditions.

Moreover, the knitted uppers of these shoes are soft and flexible around feet to create a comfortable fit. The soles are cushioning and supportive. The insole is contoured to soften your steps. In other words, it’s a great shoe design as well. Not only is this your most eco-friendly shoe option, BLUEVIEW shoes look good and feel good as well.

Lastly, the shoes have a simple, elegant design that resembles a casual Oxford. They could be in style at a casual restaurant or on the deck of a sailboat. They look great for a picnic or a day running errands. With every purchase of the new Pacific shade, which looks like denim, 5% of the proceeds will help support Monterey Bay Aquarium and its ocean conservation efforts.

Blueview Footwear Website: