Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Second Life Toys Campaign

Second Life Toys, a Japanese campaign raising awareness of the need for transplants for children, has won Gold at the Clio Awards. Working with Japanese organ transplant group Green Ribbon Campaign, Dentsu creatives developed “Second Life Toys”, an online project and design campaign featuring soft toys brought back to full functionality through the donation of limbs from donated toys. The demo round of the project, online at, relied on the participation of plush toy artists from around the world, and led to the creation of characters like an elephant with a squirrel’s tail for its trunk, a bear with monkey arms, a whale with a dragon’s wings and tail, and a goat with bear leg, and many more. Future participants can either donate toys or ask for parts to restore their own bedtime friends. The campaign then asks anyone who gets a plush transplant to write a thank-you letter to the donor—completing the reciprocal circle and helping to illustrate the potential benefits of a more significant medical gift.

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