Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Martin Azua, Designer


An object similar to an IPhone but which use is just the opposite:to disconnect. It proposes a disconnection ritual: it has a small hole in which a drop of sandal oil is deposited. It is placed among the sheets or under the pillow. In India sandal is a sacred tree; its oil is used in rituals to clean the spirit and bring about sleep.

Deadly Totem

Medals for World Swimming Championship Barcelona 2003
Medals for the World Swimming Championships Barcelona 2003. The swimming champions in Barcelona in 2003 received the most surprising and original medals and trophies ever received at a world swimming championship, with an innovative design in which water was the principal element. Water was not only the physical element in which swimming takes place but it was also the prize. Martín Azúa 2003 / Summasports / Photographies Iona.

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