Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Carrie Dickens, Designer


Even when it is not possible to go home, it is comforting to know where it is.  Also important is finding ways to feel more at home, when away from home.  For a lover of the green countryside, being uprooted to London was difficult until I found green spaces to breathe in.  London is dotted with green oases; it is just a matter of finding them.  Carrying this pebble in my pocket, I have a printable map of the parks of London.  On a sunny day I line up the predominant ray with the hour on the reverse ‘sundial', and I am re-oriented to find my way to a place more like home.  And just in case, the bearing line points the way home.
home/here was created for the British Art Medal Society (BAMS) student medal competition 2014 and won the grand prize.  
Photography courtesy British Museum

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