Monday, December 15, 2014

Monica Stuaffer, Student Work, Memento Assignment

Approx. 8" in length.
Wood, fabric and tea.

Artist Statement:
There was a week over the summer where a friend came up to St. Augustine and visited. For the majority of the time we were together we lay on the hardwood floor in my house, wrapped in blankets, drinking tea and drawing. It was easily the greatest part of my summer.  I am extremely nostalgic for that time. 
The three materials I used are wood, fabric and tea.

I took two pieces of wood and wrapped them in a piece of fabric (color scheme is similar to the comforters we were snuggled in). The whole piece was then dipped in tea, resulting in a stain on both the fabric and wood. The decision to keep the fabric unattached to the wood is representative of the numerous ways to be swaddled in blankets, constantly moving and being tangled in them. The combination of the wood and the fabric is similar to how I felt lying on that floor - comfortable, but also uncomfortable. 

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