Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Transit and Michael Oechsle

Sidewalks are the territory of the people in the cities. A space 'soft', for their transit speed, often becomes the relief of the other means of transport. From bicycles seeking spaces in places where they are not taken into account, to the absurd situation where drivers of vehicles using sidewalks as parking. Also, a number of services use the roads as substrate products such as bins, poles, culverts, kiosks, hydrants, etc. These street edges are also the meeting place of driveways and buildings, shops and other facilities that make up the city.
The fact that design objects that operate on the sidewalks of cities is a real challenge. This paper proposes an artifact known as Transit for sidewalks in some cities in Australia, with three basic motivations: products designed for the elderly population, an incentive for people to walk and lack of rest points on driveways. "To design an element in an urban system that supports and promotes the daily practice of walking for both recreation and transportation purposes must include at least the provision in points off for older users."
Transit is a draft grade industrial designer and mechanical engineer Australian Michael Oechsle, recently presented at the Monash University in Australia. It is a hybrid system and point of walking tours in urban environments. A combination of signaling and lighting orientation. This part is designed to be placed on the walls surrounding roadways in cities, improving the free movement of people of all ages.

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