Friday, September 19, 2014

Neora Zigler, Designer of Sento Tactile Cookware

‘sento tactile cookware’, israeli student neora zigler‘s final project in hadassah college’s inclusive
 industrial design department,is a set of cooking utensils for the blind and sight impaired. the cooking
 utensils encourage a cooking experience that takes advantageof all the senses, and answers the practical
needs of the blind and sight impaired.two points were emphasized in the creation of the set: first, to
create a set of safe-to-use cooking utensils that will assist the blindin basic cooking; and second,
to intensify the sensual cooking experience (smell, taste and feel) for all users, even those without
sight impairments. ‘sento tactile cookware’ solves day-to-day problems such as fire and heat hazards,
measuring and quantifyingaccurately, and having a clean and organized working environment
in the kitchen, thus responding to the entire population’s needs not just those of the blind.

Text and image from Design Boom. Much more to see. Link here.

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