Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things, Student Work


A Few of My Favorite Things:
1. Movie Poster (Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds)  
  • This framed, vintage poster pays homage to one of my favorite directors, one of my favorite films, and my interest in the medium of cinema.
2. Record Player
  • My record player; represents my affinity for vinyl, my love of music in general, and the fact that I am a singer.
3. Clothes (Sweater/Shoes)
  • A lover of fashion and a compulsive shopper, I included two pieces from two of my favorite stores: a sweater embroidered with a card suit motif, and leather/canvas combination derby shoes. These two pieces are examples one of the greatest aspects of clothing—they embrace the validity of fashion as a form of self-expression.
4. Vintage copy of The Great Gatsby
  • One of multiple Gatsby copies in my possession, but the one I love most. The Great Gatsby is my favorite classic novel, and its inclusion here embodies my love of literature and the novel itself.
5. “His Lordship” Mug
  • This mug celebrates English culture, my desire to travel abroad, and a taste for the finer things in life.
6. Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can
  • One of my favorite artists. This cheeky can conveys my love of Warhol and an interest in the subversive and conceptual elements that constitute much of his work.
7. iPhone 5
  • A camera, a computer, and the perfect way to keep in touch with those who are important to you, regardless of distance—and, it fits in your pocket. Signifies my love of technology, people, and my addiction to Apple products.
8. Comedy and Tragedy (Theatre Masks) Tie Clip
  • Passed down to me from my grandfather, this tie clip represents family, the love I have for Broadway and New York City, and my work as a performer and (double) major in Theatre Arts.

Hannah Chittum

1. Picture of my cat- Mia, Moo Moo, Touchie, etc. are the many different names I call me cat who acts a whole lot more like a dog making her the perfect companion. Soft and personable.
2. Yellow posted notes- Ever since I can remember my dad has written these tiny notes reminding me how much he loves me, encouraging me, expressing how proud he is. I find them anywhere from my mirror or two weeks later when I’m back at school in a shoe.
3. Disposable camera- Every moment should be documented.
4. Heart necklace- A piece of jewelry that has been passed down from my grandmothers mother to her and from her down to me. I love having a piece of jewelry that has a true sense of history behind it.
5. My journal- I keep everything inside my journal. Pictures, letters, thoughts, etc. its my personal walk down memory lane.

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