Sunday, August 31, 2014

Poetry Garment Assignment Guidelines

Extract elements and principles from your poem. Use this information to design a sculpture that has to be worn on the human body. Photograph/video the model wearing the sculpture. Consider the elements and principles of the environment when photographing/recording.

Materials: You must use the white craft paper that I supply for you. There is a large role in our classroom. You may use glue, thread, string, staples and tape to construct the sculpture. Color is optional.

Term "garment" used loosely.

Cover at least 90% of the body.

Final solution photos or video. At least one photo and video has to be at least 2 minutes. Post on your blog so you may present to the class on the scheduled due date. Those who do not present on the scheduled due date receive an automatic 10 point deduction from this project grade.

Present your photo(s) or video to class on the scheduled due date. Also, bring sculpture to class on this day. Those who do not bring sculpture to class on the day of presentation will automatically receive a 5 point deduction from this project grade.

I am looking for innovative and thoughtful solutions to this assignment.

What to post on your blog:
1. In process pictures of you making the sculpture.
2. The poem you chose.
3. A statement about the work you made.
4. The final solution - photos or video.
5. Optional - sketches or drawings you made for the project.

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