Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tashina Wells, Student Work, Memento Assignment

Latex glove, water, sand.
Measures approx. 5" in diameter.

My memento about my memory of all the times my family and I went travelling when I was younger. It consists of a rubber glove, sand, and water. 

The rubber symbolizes the rubber on the tires of the car we drove, which reminds me of all the conversations and memories that were made in the car as we travelled long distances, and the rubbery feeling of the fish we caught when we went fishing. I manipulated the shape of a rubber glove to act as a container for the water and sand.

The sand symbolizes all the camping we did, and the soft, warm earth that served as surface for talking, cooking, playing, eating, and sleeping. 

The water is to symbolize all of the water based activities we did, such as swimming, fishing, bathing, boiling, and drinking.

Note from Laura - This is successful solution to the assignment. Poor quality photos do not allow the piece to succeed in visual images. 

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