Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kiersten Boehle, Student Work, Memento Assignment

In progress. 

Detail of final piece.
Measures approx. 7" in diameter.
For my momento piece I chose to represent the memory of me getting attacked by a dog when I was three years old. The attack tore the right side of my cheek and upper lip which required over 150 stitches and emergency plastic surgery to fix my face. Today I am left with only a small visible scar. 

I chose this memory because it is definitely a part of who I am. Instead of focusing on the negative and gruesome aspects of my attack, I chose to represent it as something of beauty because I actually like my scar and think it gives me character. I also don't look back and picture an awful experience because I love dogs and being attacked by one has never changed that. 

I used leftover fabric from a ripped dress I had; which is significant because the dress was broken but I was able to repurpose it and make it into something new. 

I cut the dress into circles and dipped the pieces into melted paraffin wax in several layers, which built a skin like appearance on the fabric. As the pieces hardened I used my hands and a bowl to shape the waxed fabric into slightly rounded circles. 

I decided to stitch the piece to represent the stitches. I chose silver thread so it would not stand out too much from the white and gray patterned fabric. I wanted the piece to be subtle and detailed; dainty. The cut out holes represent the indented scar."

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