Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Van Eggers, Student Work, Memento

This is a well done piece. However, photos do not convey the vibrant colors or details. 
Make sure you take good photos - use photo studio with proper background and lighting. 

This piece commemorates one of the most significant experiences I had in my life. When I was sixteen I had the distinguished honor of defacing property with one of the most infamous graffiti writers in the midwest. I had been talking to this man for several months at my local skatepark -  oblivious to the fact that his alter ego was one any resident of milwaukee would be familiar with if they had ever driven down Highway 1 and seen the colorful scrawls covering local bridges and buildings. 

The three materials I used for this piece were:
 1. An old/used skateboard deck to signify where I had met the graffiti artist. 
2. A sticker that represents our similar interests.
3. A metal hinge to make the piece open and close. 

I cut the skateboard up in the wood shop. Pieces of the board were further cut and sanded. The final form is inspired by the shape of spray paint can. This piece reflects the common love of painting that we unknowingly shared for several months.

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