Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jasper de Beijer, Artist, 1973, The Netherlands

You could easily assume these stark images where pen and ink drawings or even etchings, but there’s far more going on here. You’re actually looking at photographs.
Amsterdam-based artist Jasper de Beijer builds intricate 3D models, then photographs them to create images which do look strikingly like illustrations. His series is called “Mr. Knight’s World Band Receiver,” a title derived from Christopher Thomas Knight, a man known as the “North Pond Hermit” who lived for 27 years in the Maine woods with no human contact except his radio.
De Beijer’s works explore how Knight might have imagined world events with only his limited connection to anything outside the woods he called home. Creating depictions of events like the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the siege on Waco, Hurricane Katrina or the Unabomber, De Beijer avoided all visual input, using only text-based reports to create each scene. Each image is cryptically titled with only the date as a clue to its subject. - Benjamin Starr

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