Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tyler, Student Work

I used a total of three different architectural movements.  I conducted research and used the pictures below as my inspiration.  My idea was to use the simplicity of the Egyptian architecture with the complex and futuristic look of Post-modernism.  When building the sculpture, I decided to keep everything dealing with Egyptian architecture to remain balsa wood.  In contrast, everything Post-modern would remain foam board.  I did this to show a sharp contrast between the two and how they can still live in harmony together.  I have always been interested in the unique designs of Gothic windows, so I included them as the transparency within the Post-modern section.  I noticed how gothic windows start off complex near the top and become more simplistic as you move away from the focal point.  That is why I included a detailed gothic design, made of paper, and then cut out simpler shapes for the remainder of the windows.  A light source was then added inside the windows to help illuminate the gothic style windows.  

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