Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Chris Kenny, Artist

Above: Fetish Map of London, 2000, is a mixed media artwork based on an out-of-date map of London. The pins, nails and tacks mark places that mean something to the artist, Chris Kenny. A pink pin marks Kenny's studio in West London. Other pins record where he lived, where he was first kissed and where he was beaten up. Like many artists in the late 20th century, Kenny is fascinated by maps: 'A map provides a way of holding a place, making an object of a place. It is already a fetish of a type .... The age of the map, the different ages of the nails suggest nostalgia and longing, often central to our sense of place. I sought to make primitive and material something that is unimaginably complex and cosmopolitan. I wanted to defy the flatness of the map, embellish it and create tiny narratives'.  source link here.

Nonsuch (white map circle) 2007

Mesopotamia 2007

Mercato 2007

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