Monday, May 4, 2015

Connor Bouchard, Student Work

 Artist Statement:
For the Memento project we were asked to revisit a memory that sticks out as important to us as artists.   For this I chose to examine a memory of mine in which I received glasses which seems like a highly significant memory to me.  More specifically I remember the day before my glasses were received, that was really blurry, and the day after receiving said glasses and being able to see... looking back on it now I realize how significant the difference with and without glasses is. 

Balsa wood:  I chose this material and refined it to the point that it is in the final composition because for one, I remember that in the memory I could see the grain in the wood on my desk after I received my glasses.  I chose to make two pieces as a sort of coaster to kinda play off of the idea that glasses are also called bifocals, and bi- means two.

Printed paper:  I chose this material as a sort of absolute for my piece, without it i don't feel as though the piece would be finished even though to other people it might seem that it is.  I chose to print an old school eye exam chart for the content of the image.  I chose this particular one because I remember one similar to this in my memory.

Resin:  I had no idea how I was going to create something that has a level of transparency to that allows it so that some areas are more legible than others which is important when remembering blurriness.

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