Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Macie McDill, Student Work

1. Watch: This watch made it to my favorite list in lieu of the fact that it was given to me by my mom a few years ago. Being pretty far away from home, it's always a comfort to look down and be reminded of her.

2. Paint Brush: Painting, or any other art that I get in to, is somewhat of an escape. The peace in this escape makes it one of my favorite things. The paintbrush is a representation of not only painting but all art processes that envelope me.

3. Bain de Soleil: This strange sunscreen reminds me of long days on the beach, another favorite. From the smell that I can never quite describe to the greasy state you are in after application, everything about it reminds me of warmth, sun, and sand.

4. Small Painting of Home: I painted the small painting of the trees in my front yard, back in South Carolina, my favorite place to be.

5. Book: This book is a representation of reading in general. I think reading is one of my favorite things to do because it is a past time that can take you anywhere, no matter where you are.

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