Monday, May 2, 2016

Wall Desk and Lamp Pot, Peca

Wall Desk / Exhibitor / Mirror
Walnut solid wood, glass, wool and mirror
Guadalajara, México, 2013
200 x 20 x 55cm

Designed for peca
When we exhibit that which we collect, we reveal as much –or even more– about ourselves than we do about our objects. Our obsessions, fetishes and concerns are reflected in the small collection of apparently useless objects that have been carefully gathered since our childhood. 

Stilleven takes the private realm into the public one; its wool display can highlight that which we treasure under the clear protection of a glass covering, while a small desk made out of walnut allows us to take a break from our day-to-day in order to catalogue the contents of the mind; the reflections on the mirror are a reminder of our surroundings. 

A profound piece with a practical use.

Photo ©PECA

Mökki invites you to contemplate the immensity of the night and on what a flash of light 
can reveal. It is a lamp-pot that is born from the contemplation of a peculiar horizon; a drive at
night down a darkened road and of the exploration of materials; marble and onyx utilizing
the magic of lighting. The main shape mimics that of a house surrounded by a mini-landscape
that you design: a pot that gives life, light and fantasy for the environment in which beauty is
of the highest priority. 

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