Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shannon Young, Student Work, Masking Tape Shoes

The masking tape shoes are constructed solely from masking tape and nothing else. They resemble a size eight Nike running shoe. The details as seen above include the mesh on the tongue of the shoe, various check marks and a textured bottom. I created this pair of shoes by manipulating masking tape, in a way that, it creates form and texture. I did this by using additive and subtractive measures. My process consisted of rolling masking tape and grouping it in a way to build this form. After I had a strong base I covered it with a thick layer of masking tape to smooth the  outside layer. I engraved on the bottom of the shoe to make the surface have shape. This piece was completed in roughly 30 studio hours. My inspirations came from everyday life in my Nikes. The shoes go where I go and if they could speak they would have a lot to stay. This piece represents the travel of my everyday life. 

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